It’s Happening!

Hi folks! I know it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything, but we have received funding for e-bikes!!! This means we will have e-bikes available for Western faculty and staff to use long-term. Imagine commuting to school or work on a brand-new e-bike… No more sweaty clothes, no more fossil fuels being consumed, and a little bit of exercise everyday!

We are currently getting 4 Solexity 500’s:

and 1 Butchers And Bicycles MK1:

The Butchers And Bicycles MK1 will be used solely by the Publicity Office, but we may opportunities for people to test ride it.

We are currently looking for interested riders! If you are affiliated with WWU and are interested in a FREE long term e-bike loan (up to 10 weeks) , send an email with your name and number to

It’s Happening!

2 thoughts on “It’s Happening!

  1. Hey just wanted to leave feedback on your survey.
    One of the questions had this prompt: How did you travel to campus last week (or the most recent routine week)?
    It had funky responses on it, that didn’t allow me to check for each day that I ride my bike. Looks like the input might be messed up there perhaps. I’m on my mobile device.
    My response won’t make any sense on that question.


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